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The leading initiative in Minas Gerais to support solar energy is the Sol de Minas (MG Sun) project.

Clean energy – Solar

1st place in the Brazilian ranking
for installed solar energy capacity

Centralized generation
installed capacity

(32.2% of the Brazilian total)

Distributed generation
Capacidade instalada

(16.8% of the Brazilian total)

Average investment return time for
distributed generation in Minas Gerais:
Home systems: the shortest in Brazil
Commercial and industrial systems: the second-shortest in Brazil
Installed centralized generation capacity (MW) 

From April 7, 2022

Installed distributed generation capacity (MW) 

From April 7, 2022

Clean energy – wind

Estimated wind energy potential in Minas Gerais:

10.7 GW at 50 m
24.4 GW at 75 m
39 GW at 100 m

for areas with wind speeds equal to or higher than 7m/s

The first large-scale wind energy project was announced in 2019, accounting for

of installed capacity
Clean Energy – Biofuels and Biomass

4th-largest producer of

(9.4% of national output)

2nd-largest hydrous ethanol market

(14.2% of national sales)

Producer of
biodiesel output in 2020

As one of Brazil’s leading agribusiness states,

Minas Gerais has impressive potential for biomass energy

Ethanol Production by State | 2020

StateOutput (thousands of m³)Share
São Paulo14,696.1744.80%
Mato Grosso3,204.999.77%
Minas Gerais3,075.459.38%
Mato Grosso do Sul2,879.658.78%
Brazilian hydrous ethanol market | 2020 (m³)
Clean Energy – Biogas

Estimated biogas output potential:


Decarbonization potential

year Fuel (biomethane)
million tCO2/year
Decarbonization potential by substrate
(Mi tCO2e/year) | Biomethane
Decarbonization potential by substrate
(Mi tCO2e/year) | Biomethane
Decarbonization potential by substrate
(Mi tCO2e/year) | Biomethane
Decarbonization potential by substrate
(Mi tCO2e/year) | Biomethane
Clean Energy – Green Hydrogen
In August 2021, the Minas Gerais Government and MG Federation of Industries launched the Minas Hydrogen Program
Minas is very well positioned to be a leading producer:
1st place in Brazil

for solar energy production

1st place in Brazil

for hydroelectric energy

And a significant consumer:
1st in Brazil for cement and steel production – biggest steelmaking cluster in the country
Steel production (thousand million tons – MT)
Cement production (MT, 2020)

German company Neuman & Esser will begin production of green hydrogen machines in MG capital Belo Horizonte in the second half of 2022

Green Energy Research & Production Centre

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