Minas Gerais?

Robust, diversified economy

Minas Gerais is historically known for its mineral wealth. The state is currently a leader in strategic sectors such as solar energy, e-commerce, infrastructure, food & drink, and much more.


Strategic geographical location

Minas Gerais is a southeastern Brazilian state with several advantages for those wishing to invest in their businesses. Key among these is the state’s privileged geographical location, facilitating access to important regions of Brazil and the wider world.

More than 5,000 km of railways

(connecting into key ports)

Extensive system of paved highways

(more than 29,000km)

Six dry ports

(in Betim, Varginha, Uberlândia, Uberaba, Juiz de Fora, and Pouso Alegre)

BH Airport

(considered the world’s most punctual airport by consultancy Cirium in 2021)

Distances in km between Belo Horizonte and southeastern-region state capitals:

BH – SP: 583,9 km (1-hour flight)
BH – RJ: 441,8 km (1-hour flight)
BH – DF: 729,0 km (1-hour flight)
Within an 800-km radius
from Belo Horizonte:
of Brazilian GDP
(US$ 1 trillion)
of the Brazilian population
(111 million inhabitants)

Economic potential

Comprehensive consumer market
StateConsumption potential (R$ billion)ParticipationRanking
São Paulo1179,7326,42%1
Minas Gerais457,4410,24%2
Rio de Janeiro430,709,65%3
Rio Grande do Sul304,226,81%4

Consumption potential in
Minas Gerais

Brazil’s second-largest consumer market

R$457 billion (US$88.5 bi) in 2020

10.24% of the national market

Consumption potential equivalent to that of Slovakia

Pro-investment structure

Several agencies in the state work in synergy to facilitate installation, establishment of partnerships, and business expansion.

Multinationals operating in the state

Low cost of doing business

Average commercial property rental price (R$/m²) | February 2022

Average salary in the transformation industry (R$) | 2021

Average commercial property sale price (R$/m²) | February 2022

Minas Gerais has the most Federal University campuses in Brazil

3 of the 10 best universities in Brazil  
20 public higher-education institutions  
2nd-place in the number of graduates

Federal University of Minas Gerais

3rd-best university in Brazil

(Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022).

5th-best in Latin America

(Times Higher Education Latin America Rankings 2021).

7th-best business school in the world

(Financial Times, Executive Education Open 2023).

Brazil’s first industrial airport

Multimodal hub with 750,000 m² of available area, and capacity to receive 250 tech companies.
 Cargo terminal with an area of 12,000 m² and current cargo capacity of 70 tons per year, recognized by the Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) for its good practices in storage of special cargos, such as life science materials.
 Suspension of federal taxes and deferral of state VAT (ICMS) on the importation of inputs.

Único centro de P&D da empresa na América Latina (Belo Horizonte)
Centro de desenvolvimento de software (Belo Horizonte)
Centro de pesquisa de indústria 4.0 e design center (Betim)
Centro de pesquisa aplicada em eletrônica impressa, filmes fotovoltaicos orgânicos (Belo Horizonte)

Centro de P&D de soluções embarcadas para sistemas de transporte inteligente (Itajubá)

Centro de P&D com protótipos de superligas acreditadas para o setor aeroespacial (Araxá)

Centro de desenvolvimento de aplicações industriais para nanomateriais, como o grafeno (Belo Horizonte)

Centro de P&D em telefonia 5G em conjunto com o Inatel (Itajubá)

Centro de P&D focado na indústria automotiva (Itajubá).

Localizado na Usina de Ipatinga e considerado o maior do gênero na indústria do aço da América Latina.

Equipe de P&D 21 Engenheiros;
Desenvolvimentos em aberto: 34 projetos;
ICT/Universidades envolvidas: 4

Technology and innovation park

A state innovating today

A state creating the innovations of tomorrow

1st government program for acceleration of start-ups

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