Sector numbers
industrial establishments
people employed in 2021

Hub in Minas Gerais:

Electronics Valley (Vale da Eletrônica) – Santa Rita do Sapucaí
163 Tech companies employ some 15,000 people.
In 2020, this generated a turnover of 3.2 billion.
Belo Horizonte Metropolitan Region.
Extrema and Varginha.

Source: Electronics Valley Union of Electrical, Electronic, and Similar Devices (SINDVEL).

Key Companies

Medical and Laboratory Apparatus


Professional Qualification

In 2021, more than 4,500 graduate professionals qualified in computing and IT & communication technologies (TIC) in the state.

153 higher-education institutions offer courses in this sector. Enhancing the educational level in the area, there are 11 institutions offering master’s courses in computer science, with 5 doctoral programs. 

Source: Higher Education Census and GEOCAPES – electronics courses, 2021. 

Average Remuneration (BRL)
AreaMinas GeraisRio de JaneiroSão Paulo
Computer Engineering11.954,8012.463,4413.723,23 
Computer Systems Analysts5.813,578.155,07 7.379,65 
Electroelectronics Engineers10.138,60 17.128,15 12.267,17 
Electronics Technicians2.770,96 4.300,74 3.621,39
Production Control Technicians3.054,80 4.384,00 3.848,30 
Source: RAIS, 2021
Average Remuneration (BRL)
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