Investments in the Brazilian Rail Sector – Concessions

Brazilian rail concessionaire investment plans

Concessionaires plan to invest some R$ 28 billion in their operations during the triannual period 2022 – 2024
65% of this total will be allocated to railway lines and rolling stock
R$ billion
forecast for rail sector investments

Forecast rail sector investments by project year (R$ billion)

Contract signed

Rail infrastructure and movement in Minas Gerais

Minas Gerais rail network

≈ 5,000 Km
≈ 17% of the national rail network

Transported cargo (useful tons –TU) and production (useful tons per kilometre – TKU) originating or arriving in Minas Gerais represent, respectively,

42% and 31%
of the Brazilian total.

Transported Cargo (TU)

Production  (TKU)

Productive Chain

Minas Gerais is the sole locomotive producing state in Brazil

Foremost metallurgical industry in the nation, and second-biggest producer of metal products

Leading rail concessionaires operate in Minas Gerais

Locomotives and cars

Railway Materials

Materials for cars, equipment, and metal products for railways

Customers and Operators

Minas Gerais Strategic Rail Plan – PEF Minas

The PEF is a study carried out by the Dom Cabral Foundation, sponsored by the Brazilian Rail Transport Association – ANTF.

It is aimed at formulating a structured investment plan
in the rail sector for Minas Gerais State, based
on analysis of the railway system in our region.

Key results from PEF

Project portfolio with sound technical and economic-financial basis to drive sustainable development of a new rail structure for Minas Gerais

Cargo Trains

total CapEx

Passenger Trains

R$ billion
total CapEx
R$ billion
R$ billion
R$ billion

Recomeça Minas (Restart Minas)

LAW 23.801/2021

Forecast for State VAT (ICMS) exemptions applicable to the rail sector

Decree on Shortlines

DECREE 48.202/2021

Enables private investors to recover deactivated sections or to install and operate new railways within the state through the authorization regime.

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