Sector numbers

Minas Gerais is a hub for IT companies in Brazil

Minas Gerais ranks second in the number of IT companies in Brazil,  
with over 800 in the software licensing segment alone.  
The IT sector employs more than 36,000 people in Minas Gerais.

2nd state for IT companies

800+ software licensing companies

more than 36,000 IT companies

Key Companies

Innovation Centres

Other Important Innovation Centres

Minas Gerais hosts R&D centres for  global corporations

Several private Innovation and R&D centres are installed in the state.  
Some of the principal companies in this sector are presented below.

Specialized R&D Centres:

2nd Google R&D Centre outside the USA, installed in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais.  

Global reference centre for development of solutions in IoT, Big Data, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence, with focus on Industry 4.0.

Embraer’s first R&D centre outside technical and aeronautics hub São José dos Campos is located in MG capital Belo Horizonte.  

Innovation Ecosystem

Minas Gerais is home to a vibrant innovation ecosystem

The state hosts several private Innovation and R&D centres.  
Some of this sector’s principal companies are presented below.

Start-up Accelerators

Brazil’s 1st government start-up accelerator: SEED (MG State Government initiative) – more than 30 programs for pre-acceleration, acceleration, and funding of start-ups 

MG Innovation System – SIMI

Created in 2006 to integrate government, business, academic, and technological actions to boost innovation in Minas Gerais. Today, 17 years on, SIMI has been transformed into a data portal for the MG innovation ecosystem,   
where you can find data and connections that generate intelligence to inform decisions.

Minas Gerais is home to 16 technological
incubators across several regions of the state

All are associated to the MG Innovation Network,  
and seven have been recognized as the best incubators in Brazil  

This agency promotes scientific and technological research and innovation in Minas Gerais State, with the remit of supporting scientific, technological, and innovation projects, conducted by institutions or individual researchers and considered relevant for scientific, technological, economic, and social development in MG.

San Pedro Valley

A community of more than 500 technological companies, accelerators, incubators, co-working spaces, and technological parks. 

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