Key Companies

Specialized R&D Centers:

Local Production Arrangement – APL

Rotary wing and
defence in Itajubá



Qualified workforce

Post-graduation courses in related areas* – 2021

Programs: 31
Enrolled: 1,559 in master’s and 1,054 in PhD
Graduates: 384 masters and 146 doctorates

*Materials and metallurgical engineering; production engineering; electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering

Production Engineering11015.1832.464
Electrical Engineering*8213.5571.800
Mechanical Engineering7214.6612.480
Control & Automation Engineering293.924444
Mechatronics Engineering61.620154
Materials Engineering580773
Electronic Engineering**465377
Industrial Mechatronics39533
Aerospace Engineering51.009124
* All areas
** Electronic & Telecommunications Engineering and Electronic Engineering
source: CES 2022; GEOCAPES
Competitive labour costs
Monthly average salary for selected professionals in the aerospace industry 
 (R$ | December 2021)
ProfessionMinas GeraisRio de JaneiroSão PauloParanáRio Grande do Sul
Production line feeder1.793,441.689,802.602,832.344,811.976,89
Administrative assistant2.345,262.752,184.251,963.026,912.862,29
Overall average3.763,274.221,845.014,454.952,273.790,78
Aeronautical Engineer12.016,3717.299,8314.083,399.041,2813.946,51
Mechanical Engineer8.755,599.864,6012.110,6411.011,8011.048,89
Production Engineer9.665,799.033,6311.438,9811.067,849.135,78
Quality Control Engineer10.035,5710.187,5411.939,9711.901,359.455,10
Commercial Manager13.301,558.022,5516.759,4214.898,6217.184,97
Production & Operations Manager13.764,3115.990,2515.125,4516.962,3311.878,46
Research & Development (R&D) Manager14.369,2018.658,4819.378,2920.859,0917.883,94
source: RAIS, 2021
Commercial Aviation in Minas Gerais – Operations

Minas Gerais is home to one of the 12 Brazilian Class IV airports, i.e., those that transport more than 5 million passengers per year.

In 2021 BH Airport was the 6th-foremost Brazilian airport in numbers of operations, with 8% of movements in Class IV airports.

Number of commercial aviation operations |
Class IV airport

DFPresidente Juscelino Kubitschek78.25310%
PEGuararapes Gilberto Freyre63.5558%
MGBH Airport62.9178%
RJSantos Dumont58.6868%
BADeputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães42.9846%
RSSalgado Filho37.5585%
PRAfonso Pena27.5974%
CEPinto Martins27.04%
RJGaleão-Antônio Carlos Jobim3%
Total (Class IV)752.864100%

Number of municipalities served by commercial aviation – 2021

Commercial Aviation in Minas Gerais – Inputs & Services

Minas Gerais occupies 4th place among states with the highest number of maintenance bases certified by the Brazilian National Civil Aviation Agency – ANAC, with the noteworthy presence of services and maintenance centres operated by the companies GOL, Azul, IAS, and Pratt & Whitney, and the EMBRAER engineering services centre. In terms of personnel qualification and training services, the state is in 3rd place, with 31 certified companies. Minas Gerais is also one of Brazil’s key aviation fuel producers, accounting for almost 10% of national output.

ANAC-certified maintenance centres | 2020

Certified qualification and training companies | 2020

Aviation fuel production | 2020

UFRefineryProduction (m3)Part.
SPHenrique Lage (REVAP)1,307,69956.01%
SPPaulínia (REPLAN)557,85456.01%
SPPresidente Bernardes (RPBC)2,21656.01%
RJDuque de Caxias (REDUC)532,66615,97%
MGGabriel Passos (REGAP)328,8879.86%
BALandulpho Alves (RLAM)236,0047.08%
AMIsaac Sabbá (REMAN)114,7843.44%
PRPresidente Getúlio Vargas (REPAR)93,6212.81%
RNPotiguar Clara Camarão (RPCC)87,5892.63%
RSAlberto Pasqualini (REFAP)73,6662.21%
Total 3,334,986333100%
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